Join the runwayclub!. Finally you get the chance to enjoy the performance & speed of your machine in a safe & legal environment. If your car is capable, the only restriction is runway length.


To pre-register your car for entry email:

For drivers runway pass layout: click here


Event overview for competitors

  • Undertake timed & maximum speed, Vmax runs, down the 1km+ runway zone
  • Undertake rolling 50kmh to 1050m Vmax runs
  • Safe 500m braking zone


Competitor entry includes

  • Membership to Runwayclub, which ensures preferential entry to subsequent private Vmax sessions.
  • Entry to the 1km Vmax challenge
  • Entry to the rolling 50kmh to 1050m Vmax challenge
  • Unlimited runway passes
  • Competitor Runwayclub vinyl set


Car Entry Classifications

  • Category 1: 450+ BHP
  • Category 2: 320 – 450 BHP
  • Category 3: 200 – 320BHP
  • Cars will run against same category for first 1.5 hours & open session thererafter. (Lets mix it up & the fun begins)

To view a list of the amazing cars already entered: click here


Before you enter your car

Please review Runwayclubs car competitor criteria: Coming on 07/07/17

  • All competing cars are required to be road legal, insured & registered in Ireland, UK or other EU country.
  • All drivers will need to hold either a full Irish, UK or other EU drivers licence.
  • All drivers will be responsible for the safety & integrity of their vehicles.
  • Although Runwayclub will endeavour to mitigate risks where possible, all drivers will be undertaking the V(max) challenges at their own risk.
  • Read our FAQ’s here to answer any further questions that you may have.


Entry Price

  • Car + Driver = €195
  • Car + Driver + Guest = €220

To pre-register your car for entry email: